Culver City to harness Viva’s cutting-edge traffic monitoring technology to support sustainable travel projects

Tuesday, 21 November, 2023
Supporting sustainable travel with anonymized multimodal transportation data in California with Culver City

Viva is proud to announce a new collaboration with the City of Culver City, California. In this role, Viva will support the performance evaluation of the city’s mobility projects.

Culver City and Viva will work together to monitor the impact of planned interventions in Downtown Culver City. Viva sensors will gather continuous, anonymous, highly accurate data on road user trends and behaviors. The new installations will be geared toward making Culver City roadways more efficient by prioritizing sustainable modes of transportation.

Viva technology will allow the Culver City Team to make data-driven decisions about mobility and enable Culver City to adopt a data-led approach to improving multimodal infrastructure. The partnership with Viva and the data its technology will provide will help the City achieve its ambitious mobility goals.

“Viva is very proud to be supporting Culver City’s sustainable transport vision. This project calls for accurate data on cyclist volumes to help support the case for new cycling infrastructure. We are pleased that our attention to data accuracy has been recognized by being selected to support this work.”

Peter Mildon, Viva Co-founder and President

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