TAPCO joins forces with Viva to support road safety in the Midwest of the U.S.

Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
Viva is delighted to announce a partnership with Traffic and Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO) to bring our award-winning AI-powered computer vision traffic monitoring sensors to Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, and Kentucky.

Milwaukee based TAPCO serves a well-diversified customer base of Transportation Officials, often in partnership with Design Firms, to offer a complete range of traffic management and road safety solutions. TAPCO has a dedicated history working with U.S. transportation agencies to advance safety applications throughout the industry.

Viva’s computer vision sensors capture anonymous, real-time, highly accurate multimodal transportation data, providing authorities with detailed insights on the road network. Established in London, UK in 2016, Viva launched in North America early in 2023 and we are working with TAPCO as a technology partner in the midwestern states. We are already working with other agencies in the U.S., including NYC DOT, where our latest feature Near Miss, has been deployed to provide the city with road safety insights and hazards at key intersections across Manhattan.

Our Head of International Sales & Strategic Partnerships at Viva, Minco de Boer, commented: “We’re excited to be partnering with TAPCO to deliver high quality, traffic monitoring and road safety insight to transportation agencies in the regions. We’re confident that through the complementarity of Viva’s AI platform with TAPCO’s road safety and traffic management products, we create a unique added value for our customers.”

Robert Prosser, Chief Revenue Officer, TAPCO, added: “The partnership between TAPCO and Viva represents our company’s commitment and vision to safe travel, delivering advanced technology solutions focused on improving roadway safety and critical data insights for vulnerable road users. We are excited to announce this partnership and are looking forward to advancing safety measures for all road users.”

Learn more about our smart traffic products and get in touch with team if you have any questions.

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