How Viva is managing the current COVID-19 situation

Tuesday, 17 March, 2020

I would like to provide an update on how Viva is managing the current the Covid-19 situation.

Viva has implemented measures such as extensive working from home for employees which will both protect the welfare of employees and also minimise any impact on our ability to support existing, and future customers. As our Development Teams can access all required resources remotely we will be continuing our development work on current and future product offerings as
Our Customer Success and Business Development teams are available for teleconferences and remote meetings. If you are self-isolated yourself, and wish to find out more about our products, please take this opportunity to talk to us.
Under existing Government guidelines, we are currently able to provide onsite installation support and troubleshooting for existing, planned and future Sensor deployments. Should there be any changes to this position, I will provide further updates.
Additionally, our global supply chain is currently functioning as required, with components now flowing from factories in China again following a shutdown there last month. We are monitoring the situation within our EU based supply chain, which may introduce delays should lockdowns continue beyond a 1-month period.
Finally, we are still planning on running our Smart Junctions user group in 6-weeks on Tuesday, April 28th.  We are looking at options for hosting this event virtually as a series on online presentations and workshops, and will continue to share updates about this event.
I would like to wish you and your families well during these challenging times and we look forward to continue working with you in the future.
Mark Nicholson