Viva at JCT Symposium 2022

Monday, 19 September, 2022
Viva team at JCT Symposium 2022

Now in its 27th year, the JCT Traffic Signal Symposium & Exhibition has established itself as the UK’s best conference event for traffic signals.

Viva returned to the Symposium this year at Nottingham Trent University for an excellent couple of days, sharing and learning about all the latest innovations in the traffic signal control technology.

Smart Junctions Project Manager, Matt Shaw, took to the stage on day 2 and presented an update on the results and learnings from a Viva Smart Junctions trial in Cambridgeshire.

Our Smart Junction algorithm was independently evaluated against a recently validated MOVA8 algorithm. Here are some of the key findings of the external evaluation that Matt spoke about:

  • Viva sensors are as accurate as loops, night and day
  • Viva sensors were able to detect the same variance of data as loops
  • Viva sensors offer richer data than loops about road user behavior

The trial has also led to a number of Smart Junction improvements:

  • Development of advanced cycle early release
  • System integration is now possible via either 4G or ethernet
  • Introduction of an option for either fixed or variable stage order
  • Shortened project timescales through operational refinements

Our Smart Junctions solution is available to interested councils via the Early Adopter Programme (EAP).

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