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Traffic Technology Today: Why we need green data for green Covid recovery

Monday, 12 April, 2021

Our CEO & founder Mark Nicholson talks to Traffic Technology Today to give his opinion on how the right data can help to safeguard and further stimulate the active transportation revolution seen during the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has been pivotal in changing travel trends in our cities. Levels of active travel, such as walking and cycling, have increased, and shifts in attitudes towards commuting and flexible working are emboldening a new era for how and when we travel. In turn, this has produced a critical impetus for sustainability and a green recovery. With lockdowns, restrictions and travel regulations in constant flux, the value of journeys and how we move around and connect with our cities has been both reiterated and re-evaluated, with active transportation becoming a main protagonist in the script for green cities.

These renewed focuses have resulted in the popup of new initiatives. Closed-off streets for cyclists and pedestrians and segregated lanes are becoming all the more common with each turn you take – changes which now seek to gain long-term, rather than temporary, status. Because of this, infrastructure changes and active transportation initiatives must go hand in hand in order to garner long-term changes; change in infrastructure must come with new attitudes, and vice versa.

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