Viva Smart Junction Projects Win ITS (UK) Award for Innovative use of Technology

Monday, 26 October, 2020

Viva are delighted to win the ITS (UK) – Intelligent Transport Systems Award for Innovative Use of Technology with partners Transport for Greater Manchester and Immense for the Smart Junctions project!

This initiative explores how machine learning can be used to improve traffic signal control and optimize the road network. This ground-breaking new system will give transport authorities unprecedented ability to efficiently implement new strategies including:

  • Promoting active transportation by prioritising cyclists and pedestrians, thereby improving journey quality and safety
  • Prioritising air quality by reducing the amount of breaking, accelerating, and idling of high-emissions vehicles.

Our leading projects include the partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester who are rolling out our AI-controlled Smart Junctions to accommodate the increase of active transportation modes, such as cycling and walking, in the city during the pandemic; and the Greater Cambridge Partnership-funded project where Smart Junctions are being trialled at some of the busiest junctions in Cambridge to help cut congestion and improve air quality. 

Congratulations to all the other ITS award nominees and winners too!

About our Smart Junction Control Solution

Viva’ Smart Junctions is a first-of-its-kind AI signal control system. We have developed an algorithm that is able to adapt quickly to changing traffic conditions and efficiently implement traffic network strategies at both local and city-wide scales.

Our sensors provide anonymous real-time data feeds on counts, classifications, speeds, and journey times of vehicles, along with information on queue build-up.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our Smart Junctions solution and what it can do for you.

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