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Yorkshire Evening Post: Leeds Council trial to offer ‘civic credits’ for healthy lifestyles, document claims

Friday, 16 April, 2021

Great to get a mention in this article.

A plan to offer “civic credits” for using Leeds’s public parks, is among some of the ideas set to be discussed by Leeds city councillors. It forms part of the council’s “smart cities” project, aimed at collecting large amounts of data, which it says would be used to improve services in the city.

The report, authored by Leeds City Council officers, said new technologies should be used to encourage healthier lifestyles to reduce the strain on health and social care services.

Specifically, with regards to Viva, the report discusses the focus on smart cities with regards to traffic and pedestrian management in the city centre. The document highlights how we are installing over 100 sensors around the city centre at “key junctions and crossings” to anonymously count and classify objects such as the number of pedestrians and vehicles waiting at crossings, and how this data will feed into a centralised Leeds City Council system that will be able to optimize traffic signal timings and be more responsive to walking and cycling demands.

Read the full article in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

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