Zaheer Allarakhia – Install Supervisor and Site Team Lead

Thursday, 14 October, 2021
Zaheer Allarakhia - Site Team Lead at Viva

When did you join Viva and what attracted you?

I joined Viva in May 2017. Viva has a refreshing culture and the opportunity to work with cutting edge AI is very exciting. This fitted perfectly with my background and skills in computer hardware assembly and installation of security equipment. The opportunity to be part of something that is making a positive change in the world was also very appealing.

Tell us about your current role?

I currently work as a Install Supervisor and Site Team Lead working from our workshop based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes. I look after a team of installers who go out on site across the UK, to install our sensor hardware on street light or traffic light columns.

Our sensors are all assembled and quality checked here in our workshop. I started as a Junior Technician in 2017, and throughout my journey I have grown to learn more about the technology we use and take on more responsibilities. In my role I manage the overall sensor installation planning, training & support my team on site if there are any issues or if they need advice, which ranges from debugging sensor hardware to health and safety questions.

What’s special about Viva’s culture and values?

This is the best company I have ever worked for! The environment is so friendly, supportive and transparent. There is a willingness to help one another be it a co-worker, line manager or the founders of the company. It’s basically a team of friends working together, that’s what I see across the company. There’s always support available and if I am interested to learn new things or make personal progress, the company is always happy to provide me with the resources and pay for my training to achieve what I want to do in my career. If you put all these aspects together, it basically makes a highly rewarding career.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join the team?

If you are looking for a career in technology and want to work with a friendly team where you can progress, then look no further and apply for a role at Viva.

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