Highways UK 2020 – Meeting previous winners of The Intelligent Infrastructure Hub Award

Wednesday, 4 November, 2020

Our COO Peter Mildon was joined by other previous winners of the prestigious Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure Hub at this weeks Highways UK virtual event, “Roads for a Connected Britain”, to see what they had been up to since their award win, and to give valuable advice to other innovators in the industry.

The Fireside Chat welcomed Peter, alongside Michael Vardi, Co-Founder & CBO of Valerann and David Greenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of EAVE.

The discussion was all about how each previous winner has bought innovation to the Highways UK sector. Peter shared how Viva won the Highways UK Intelligent Infrastructure Hub 2016, less than a year since the company was founded back in 2015. He gave a brief overview of Viva and how our technology anonymously recognises different types of road user from a video feed to understand how road space is being used. Fast forward 4 years since winning and Viva now have sensors deployed in over 30 cities in the UK and a growing number of international clients.

He went on to explain how Viva have been working with Costain and Highways England more recently to see how we can integrate our software into the Highways England CCTV network.

Peter believes the competition gave Viva the validation that they were doing something right for the industry and it also gave the exposure to connect with the right people at Highways England. Together they have been on an innovative, trailblazing journey, all of this despite COVID-19 and the challenge the on-going pandemic brings. But as Peter says, there is nothing like a crisis to drive innovation!

And finally, his advice to other industry innovators?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket with the support or sponsorship of one large organisation. Viva have the perfect mix of working with both large and smaller clients and local authorities to bring in revenue as they continue to build their relationship with Highways England. A balance of clients is best!

Don’t forget to tune in to our CEO Mark Nicholson, this Friday at 12:30 when he talks with Transport for Greater Manchester about how our AI controlled Smart Junctions are helping to optimize the travel network. Sign-up for your FREE ticket here.

To listen to the full recording of the Previous Winners Fireside Session, click on the link below.