Ricardo Webinar: Life after lockdown – successfully navigating the easing of lockdown

Wednesday, 3 February, 2021
In this webinar, Ricardo and a panel of invited guests discussed how government and business can successfully navigate the easing of lockdown – whilst managing the key factors that impact air quality, human health and the provision of transport going forward.


  • Stuart Sneddon, Associate Director, Air Quality, Ricardo
  • David Carslaw, Knowledge Leader, Air Pollution Science, Ricardo
  • Sujith Kollamthodi, Strategy & Innovation Practice Director, Ricardo
  • Dr Karen Exley, Group Leader Air Quality and Public Health, Public Health England
  • Peter Mildon, Chief Operating Officer, Vivacity Labs Inc
  • Sonny Tolofari, Modelling Specialist, Leicestershire County Council

Watch the webinar recording from the first webinar in the Life After Lockdown series, where Ricardo experts examine pollution levels before, during and after the first COVID-19 lockdown. This includes outlining what the data can teach us and exploring how organisations can adapt business operations to keep pollution levels low long-term.

Peter discusses the reduction on road traffic volumes (approx. 30% during May/June 2020) over the last 12 months and how this data has been gathered via our video based AI sensors.  He also discusses the various types of data captured and where the count sites are based across England. Vehicle volumes did return to almost max capacity by summer 2020 despite the lack of commuting, so some interesting behavioral insights were also shared during the discussion. He concludes discussing active transportation initiatives and their use and impact on various UK regions.

Watch the full webinar recording here or by clicking the image below.


Download a copy of the PDF slides here