Transport Technology Forum: Fireside Chat on Active Transportation Opportunities in 2021

Monday, 25 January, 2021
Peter Mildon, COO Viva was joined by Steve Gooding, RAC Foundation, Bahar Namaki Araghi, Arup and Karla Jakeman, Innovate UK on Thurs 21st Jan for this Fireside Chat on Active Transportation and the opportunities ahead in 2021.

The chat started with an update by each of the speakers on what they are currently working on in terms of Active Transportation initiatives. Viva COO Peter outlines how Viva technology and data is helping support local authorities in ‘before, during and after’ interventions in facilitating Active Transportation. He goes on to talk about Smart Junctions, another large on-going piece of research as funded by Innovate UK. Viva AI technology via traffic sensors provides data to optimize traffic flow through junctions, as well as defining and linking the video based sensors to detect active transportation modes such as vehicle type through those junctions.

Listen to the full Fireside Chat here.